employees working together wearing facemasks after completing COVID-19 screening program

7 Tips to Gaining Employee Adoption of a COVID-19 Screening Program

COVID-19 screening programs are being introduced in businesses across the world in order to protect employees and help contain the spread of the Coronavirus. To get buy-in from your staff, it’s important to make your screening policies as simple and straightforward as possible and reduce the impact on their typical workday. 

While starting or updating your screening process may be a change to your routine, there are some simple ways you can help your team commit to your screening program and increase adoption success. 

1. Be as accommodating as possible

Regardless of what your COVID-19 screening program may involve, make sure you have some alternatives available for workers who may want to conduct their screening in a different way. Some people may want to answer questions in person rather than filling out an electronic form, some may want to only continue work in a remote fashion or some may have accessibility concerns. 

Try to get as much voluntary buy-in as possible by being flexible and understanding that some people may have concerns you may not have considered. 2.

2. Acknowledge and address all privacy concerns

It is important to communicate exactly how employee information will be gathered, how it will be stored, and who will have access to it. Whether you are simply asking staff to fill out a paper questionnaire or are using an online employee screening platform, your privacy policy and information gathering procedures should be transparent.

3. Encourage and support

We all know the hand washing and social distancing mantra 2020 has brought us, and although it may seem obvious it is important to continue to encourage and support positive health behaviours. Try to enable as much physical distancing as possible, encourage hand washing breaks, and make PPE readily available. To have the highest chance of full compliance with your COVID-19 screening program, make it as easy as possible for your employees to continue good habits.

4. Designate someone to address potential COVID-19 concerns

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your employees. Designating an individual or group of people at your workplace who employees can go to with questions, listens to concerns, follows up with any missed screenings, and conduct any necessary individual screening can go a long way to fostering compliance. 

Giving employees some kind of forum for them to be involved or heard during this time is important not only for overall health and safety but employee morale. 

5. Increase communication

Right now is a time for overcommunication in the workplace. With regulations, public health guidelines, and internal policies constantly evolving it is important that your employees are staying up to date and informed. Be transparent about what changes might be coming and try to get feedback before setting policies in stone. 

Explain why screening policies are necessary and the process used for determining the level of screening you are introducing. Communicate that policies are likely to change and instruct employees on where to find all updated information and guidelines.

6. Embrace flexibility

As with any new workplace policy, it is important to review, re-evaluate, and revise your procedures as new information becomes available and you gather feedback. Let your employees know you are open to suggestions and are prepared to adjust as you gain information. 

7. Have a plan

While being flexible and accommodating is important for employee comfort, it’s crucial that you have a concrete plan communicated to all staff in the case that someone tests positive or is potentially exposed to COVID-19. In your plan include not only information on the immediate steps your organization will take but tracing procedures, confidentiality policies, and any return to work regulations. 

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