OSHA UPDATE: The US Court of Appeals reinstates the business vaccine and testing mandate for Jan 10th deadline. PPA meets all compliance requirements.

NYC Vaccine Mandate: PPA meets all compliance requirements and can keep track of your workforces vaccination statuses for the December 27th deadline.

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Reliable Protection on the Front Lines

Healthcare workers face changing demands every minute of every day. With built-in COVID-19 screening and vaccine tracking, Go Evo’s Personal Protective App (PPA) provides around-the-clock assurance to maintain the safety and efficiency of every hero.

Real-Time Test Tracking and COVID Screening

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Know Who’s At Risk

Easily keep track of vaccination records, test results, and real-time self-assessment reports so your organization can identify potential exposures right away.

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Keep Records Secure

Protect workers’ personal health information (PHI) with fully secure storage of all employee data, accessible only by your administrators.

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Always Compliant

Health regulations are constantly on the move, but so are your workers. PPA continually monitors evolving screening regulations so you don’t have to, ensuring that you always remain compliant.

Ready-To-Go Health and Safety Measures

Designed to fulfill the needs of our frontline workers, the Personal Protective App is guided by speed and accuracy to alleviate their everyday demands. With intuitive tracking and reporting features, you can create a safe working environment without taking precious time from those who need it most.

Keep a constant eye over workers’ wellbeing with easy in-app self-assessments, temperature checks, vaccine tracking, and test tracking.

With employee screening, administrators have easy access to real-time health results. In case of any potential outbreaks, they can conduct contact tracing without wasting a minute.

Sync all COVID-19 test results seamlessly into our platform to ensure users and administrators have immediate access to real-time information.

Easily upload and enable organizational visibility of COVID-19 policies and procedures, giving employees access to important information at their fingertips.

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