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How a Fleet Vehicle Tracking System Reduces Liability

Companies that rely on vehicle fleets to conduct day-to-day business invest a lot of money in these mobile assets and expect a return on such large capital costs. This is why it’s important for fleet managers to recognize additional hidden costs associated with vehicle fleets that can add up over time. Along with the more expected costs of fuel and maintenance, fleets can incur significant hidden expenses and increase a business’s liability.

No fleet manager can predict what may happen to their drivers when they hit the road, but they must be prepared for the worst-case scenario. All businesses that use vehicle fleets need to not only be concerned with their drivers’ safety but also aware of the risks related to liability exposure. To minimize some of these risks, many companies use a fleet vehicle tracking system to ensure driver safety and stay proactive to see potential problems before it’s too late. Here are some of the ways fleet tracking systems can help reduce liability.

Improved Safety Standards

It should be a top priority for all fleet managers and business owners to maintain high safety standards not only for their employees but for the public sharing the road with their fleet. Improper safety procedures can put companies at risk and quickly increase their liability for damages incurred by anyone injured in an accident with one of its vehicles.

Fleet tracking systems keep detailed records of driver locations and behavior. Instead of relying on anecdotal evidence of an incident, software provides tracking details that can help reduce liability. Many insurance companies already notice the value of implementing GPS fleet tracking devices and offer discounts to businesses that use them in their fleets.

Continuous Monitoring

Companies should have an ongoing practice of monitoring driver behavior. Whether you are tracking the habits of newly joined team members or simply checking in on the driving tendencies of your more experienced drivers, the act of monitoring driver behavior is extremely valuable. A fleet vehicle tracking system can be set to alert users when vehicles are being used in an unsafe manner, such as speeding or fast starts and stops. Having this data on hand can help fleet managers cut down on accident risks by allowing them to correct bad habits before an accident occurs.

Stop Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized vehicle use by employees can open your business to a range of liability problems. While many businesses do allow employees to take vehicles home or use them for personal reasons, tracking this kind of use can help stop employees from abusing this privilege and provide a detailed report if needed in case of an accident or misuse. Tracking software can notify fleet managers when vehicles are in use outside of work hours, where they are taken at all times during the day, and confirm use with historical route data.

Preventative Maintenance

Improper maintenance of fleet vehicles can lead to serious accidents. It is important for fleet managers to be proactive in vehicle upkeep to keep their employees safe and reduce the chances of malfunction on the road. Fleet vehicles are some of the costliest assets a company can invest in, so it is crucial to take care of them to reduce repair costs over time. Fleet vehicle tracking software can help businesses stay on track of their preventative maintenance schedule with alerts set by calendar day, engine on-time, or mileage. These alerts help fleet manager and their employees stay up to date on all vehicle checkups and give everyone peace of mind that the entire fleet is meeting high safety standards.

Introducing a fleet vehicle tracking system may seem like an added cost to the budget, but it can save companies significant amounts of money in the long run by helping to enforce safety procedures and maintenance schedules while helping fleet managers better train and track their employees. If your business is looking for a way to reduce overall fleet costs while increasing liability protection, consider implementing fleet tracking software today.