3 Ways Operations Management Software Can Help your business

3 Ways Operations Management Software Can Help You Be More Proactive in 2023

The working world in 2020 changed dramatically and brought some businesses to a screeching halt. Many organizations had to become nimble and alter almost all aspects of their day-to-day working environment to adjust to the new global norm. 

Many of these organizational changes involved the adoption or investment in new technology. Logistics and operations managers dealt with uncertain supply chains and employees had to embrace new procedures and required extra communication and additional workplace protections. 

Additionally, operations managers faced unforeseen and new challenges such as: 


  • Considering the well-being of the employees
  • Tracking and increasing company-wide productivity
  • Managing communication between teams
  • Staying at par with regulation and compliance
  • Breaking down individual and inter-team silos
  • Boosting employee engagement 
  • Saving company time and cost


For most businesses in 2020—and people for that matter—it was a year of reacting to unforeseen problems. A year of constant change made it extremely difficult for many businesses to plan appropriately for the future. 

Changes that took place in 2020, such as employees wanting to work from home became a catalyst to reinvent the future of work. The adoption of new tools, and especially workplace operations management software was an indecisive step company took to address essential business elements. 


However, the approach to identifying innovations and finding new ways of working continued beyond that year. As we catapult forward, fast-tracking trends such as automation, and digitalization, here are a few ways companies can take to have better foresight and be more proactive in 2023. 

Focus on Time Management and Scheduling

Throughout the pandemic, companies worldwide had constant uncertainty about who could or should be at work, who may need emergency time off, and dealing with many employees who were uncomfortable about new workplace regulations. 

Your workforce is the most important part of any business. With new COVID-19 employee screening apps that connect to operations management software, companies can have detailed accounts of not only who is checking into work safely but what work is getting completed and what is lagging behind.

This visibility can give managers a better look at what staffing they’ll need on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis and properly plan ahead. This visibility is also a huge help with customer service and other client requests, as active logs in the system can inform all parties how things are progressing and give estimated times of completion.

Adapt Mobile, Cloud-Based, Accessible Technology

In 2020, in-person communication ground to a halt, especially in business. This meant that any work that used to be done on paper and passed around an office was now obsolete. Tasks once done at a workstation desktop were now being done from laptops at home. This meant that mobile and cloud-based technology became more valuable and allowed access across all parties in real time. 

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It’s now a strategic advantage for businesses to have a single solution with real-time visibility into all levels of the organization. Gartner predicts that by 2023, 40 percent of organizations will have “anywhere operations” to deliver optimized and hybrid virtual and physical customer and employee experiences.

Operations management software that allows for this capability is vital to having accurate and timely information to make clear and decisive data-based decisions. You can’t be proactive without having a view of what is ahead of you. 

Using tools that give all employees and supervisors the info they need when they need it can help you always stay one step ahead. 

In order to be proactive, all processes and data have to be documented and easily accessible—you don’t know what you don’t know. Cloud-based and live data-based tools are the way to achieve this, so you are always in the know. 

Deploying mobile communication solutions to digitize the employer-employee relationship is crucial. If your communication channels are not mobile, you will fail to leverage one of the key industry trends in operations management,  keeping your employees at the centre of operations. 

Rely on Interconnectivity

Your operations can involve a range of things, depending on your industry. Whether it’s field technicians doing maintenance or a factory of machines working in unison, everything is connected. If one part of the puzzle is missing, it can throw off your entire workflow, causing many unnecessary and unexpected issues. 

Operations management software helps give a complete view of your operations based on the input of people or assets throughout your entire organization, all at once. When you invest in operations technology, it involves documenting all your processes, meaning that everyone involved knows exactly what’s expected of them and how they fit into the larger picture.

This holistic view can give managers or business leaders the information to spot bottlenecks, see where efficiency is needed, and where performance is exceeding expectations. These insights can only be drawn through visualizing a workplace’s true interconnectivity, which is vital to strong goal-setting and future strategy. 

While there are still many unknowns entering the new year, reflecting on all the lessons learned in 2020 can help many organizations become stronger and more future-focused. Adding to your operations technology toolkit is one of many ways your organization can become more proactive and reach higher goals in 2023. 

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