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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Go Evo’s solutions different from competitors?

Our Personal Protective App (PPA) was the first solution on the market to directly address businesses’ changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. By servicing organizations large and small across North America, we’ve continuously evolved our product to meet the evolving challenges of our partners. In doing so, we have consistently developed new features or improved upon existing ones to create a portfolio of products that have been universally adopted.

PPA offers robust features including employee and visitor screening, vaccination and test result tracking, superb security and IT infrastructure, intuitive administrative reporting and dashboards, and a prompt support team. Moreover, our solution leverages Go Evo’s underlying powerful platform, ensuring businesses can digitize any unique administrative processes with speed, accuracy, and the ability to keep improving.

Do you offer discounts for multiple user licenses or subscription plans?

Yes, we have a tiered pricing structure based on the number of licenses, as well as automatic discounts for semi-annual (5%) and annual terms (15%).

What is your pricing model?

We offer variable pricing based on the size of your organization, starting at $100/month for up to 20 users. The cost per user license decreases as more user licenses are added.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for nonprofit organizations.


Can I integrate our HRIS system with the PPA?

Yes, the PPA can be easily integrated with various systems by leveraging our API.

Can I integrate security systems with the PPA?

Yes, the PPA can be integrated with various systems by leveraging our API and third-party partnerships for large-scale integration projects.

App Functionality

Will everyone in my organization find it easy to use the app?

We know every user has a different comfort level with technology, so we’ve designed the app with ease of use in mind. Our team works to ensure everything is as clear as possible and easy to use, and anyone who needs additional help can get it from our support team.

Can I send notifications to certain employees?

Yes, for most of our features, administrators can access email notification settings and customize recipients, trigger actions, and more to remind users to take action.

Does the app verify vaccination and/or test records?

No, Go Evo is not responsible for verifying vaccination and/or test records. However, we do have a built-in large-scale approval processes for employers, if necessary.

Can I share information with teams that don’t have access to the dashboard?

All data can be exported from your organization’s dashboard (powered by Google Data Studio) at any time so you can share it with relevant teams.

Can I customize health screening questions?

The PPA is pre-populated with the most recent questions provided by the CDC and/or the Province of Ontario. Administrators can independently choose which questions to display or hide. Fully customizable screening questions are also available for an additional cost.

Can I put multiple branches, locations, or departments into the same account?

Yes, you can consolidate your entire team's data into the same account. In fact, the more user data you can provide upfront, the richer your reporting capabilities will be when it comes to filtering in-app and through your dashboard. Most often, larger organizations will benefit from this if administrators need visibility over specific offices, teams, departments, etc. 

Do you update your screening questions when my governing body changes their requirements?

Yes, we are continuously updating health screening questions to ensure they match the latest requirements released by the CDC (US) and the Province of Ontario (Canada). These app updates are made as soon as possible, but administrators can decide whether their organization wants to implement them within the app.

If I want to screen visitors, do they need to download the app?

No, visitors don’t need to download the app. Our visitor screening options allow them to fill out their self-screening in person, or remotely via our pre-arrival visitor web form.

Do you supply, administer, or proctor tests?

No, we do not supply, administer, or proctor tests.

What does reporting look like in the PPA?

There are multiple reporting tools in the PPA that are accessible in-app or via an easy-to-use dashboard powered by Google Data Studio.

Can you remove or delete data?

In general, users can correct their submissions and administrators can further modify user information within the app as necessary. Data will remain intact and safely protected on our servers, unless there’s a specific need or request to purge this data.

Is the app available in languages other than English?

In the US, screening is available in English and Spanish. In Canada, it’s available in English and French.

Security and Infrastructure

How do you protect our workforce's personal health information (PHI)?

The PPA is powered by Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s most secure cloud infrastructures. Its industry-leading security and compliance offerings (including HIPAA) ensures the protection of all user data.

Where do you host the data?

Hosting options exist for Canada and the US to meet your data sovereignty requirements.

What security certifications do you have?

Based on Microsoft Azure, we currently adhere to the standards of ISO 27001, and are completing SOC 2.

Does Go Evo have access to employee data that is entered into the PPA?

Specific members of the Go Evo team with the appropriate credentials have access to data for the purpose of managing client accounts and are bound by strict security policies.


Can we bulk upload existing employee information (eg. vaccination records) into the app?

In general, the PPA allows existing health records to be uploaded into the app. However, if you’re interested in doing this, please speak to one of our sales representatives as there are specific restrictions that must be adhered to.

What support resources are available?

During your implementation process, a dedicated team will be arranged to help you through every step. There’s also an extensive library of support resources directly in the app, including how-to videos and articles.

How long does it take to fully implement the PPA?

On average, our partners are up and running on the PPA in about 7-10 days. However, depending on partners’ needs, this timeline can be accelerated.

How do we ensure that employees will adopt your solution? Are there any best practices?

In our experience, employees adopt the app with ease and efficiency. To further encourage the use of the app, we have developed resources for our partners, including, but not limited to, communication templates, product posters with QR codes, or re-engagement through email user invitations.

If my workforce doesn't have email addresses, can we still use the PPA?

Yes. We create vanity emails for your workforce so they can still have their personalized accounts and log in to the PPA.

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