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Explore the features that make our Personal Protective App (PPA) best in class.

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Employee Self-Assessments

Give employees the freedom to assess their own symptoms daily and get cleared foronsite work, no matter where they are.

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Standardized Self-Assessments

Employees can be asked to complete daily health assessments using the standard screening questions in the PPA, which Go Evo constantly updates to reflect the latest health regulations and recommendations. Your administrators can also customize, add, or remove questions as needed.

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Clearance Notifications

Once a user has completed their daily self-assessment, administrators can choose to receive email notifications about their clearance status. They can also send reminder emails to those who haven’t completed their daily assessments, and customize clearance and/or isolation messages based on users’ screening results.

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Multi-Office Clearance

Administrators can choose to ask users whether they plan to work onsite that day, and which location they’ll be reporting to. Locations are fully customizable by administrators and can be added, edited, or removed directly within the app.

Visitor Screening

Screen anyone outside your organization with the PPA’s Visitor Screening features, which allows visitors to safely get cleared without needing their own PPA login.
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3 Ways to Screen Visitors:

1. In-Person Visitor Screening

Visitors coming into your workplace can complete their own screening on any device, including tablets and computers, that has the PPA installed.

2. Screening on Visitors’ Behalf

Users in your organization can be given visitor screening permissions in the app and complete screenings on behalf of visiting guests.

3. Visitor Web Forms

Before arriving onsite, visitors can complete their self-assessments via a unique digital web form (mobile or desktop) with a customized URL address for your organization.


Admin Access

Just like any user, all self-assessment results provided by visitors will be instantly shared via email and viewable in the administrator’s reporting dashboard.

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Custom Screening Requirements

Just like Employee Self-Screening, administrators can customize questions for visitors, set requirements for mandatory vaccination, and/or ask visitors to receive a negative COVID-19 test before receiving clearance to come onsite.

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Assesment Results and Notifications

Administrators can choose to be notified when a visitor’s self-assessment has been completed, and send custom messages about their clearance status based on their assessment results.

COVID-19 Test Tracker

Keep an up-to-date record of employees’ COVID-19 test results and set custom requirements
to maintain the safety of your workplace.

Global Test Types

Employees can choose from a current database of global COVID-19 tests and easily upload a PDF or image to keep their test records up to date.

Test Uploads with Custom Intervals

Administrators can set requirements in testing frequencies and choose how often their test results need to be uploaded.

Test Tracker Notifications

Depending on a user’s uploaded COVID-19 test results, administrators can customize the types of notifications and messages they receive. They can also choose to send email reminders notifying users about upcoming tests and/or when they’re overdue for a test.

Reviews & Approvals

In addition to the administrator, other users can also be assigned to approve or reject test record uploads. Users can also receive confirmation emails of their approved or rejected test records, along with any custom messages for clearance or isolation requirements.

Vaccine Tracker

Our solutions will optimize your process, not replace it. We built MESH to adapt to your specific needs, with an intuitive platform that you can use right out of the box and various customization and integration options.

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Vaccination Status & Exemptions

The PPA comes with an inclusive list of vaccination statuses, including medical and religious exemptions. Vaccinated users can choose from a global list of vaccine manufacturers, and, if required by your organization, they can record the location and lot number of their vaccine(s).

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Proof of Vaccination Upload

Your organization can require employees to upload the appropriate proof and documentation to support their vaccination or exemption status.

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Custom Messages & Notifications

After a vaccination record has been successfully uploaded, administrators can control who receives confirmation via an instant email notification: users, managers, and/or administrators. They also have the option to send reminders of upcoming vaccine due dates with custom messages.

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Vaccine Reviews

If your organization would like to review and verify vaccination records, this functionality can be turned on to assign approval authority to specific users. Administrators can also choose which users receive notifications when a record has been reviewed.

Attendance & Capacity Tracker

Manage your workplace capacity and ensure employees have the space they need to work safely onsite.

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Multi-Office Visibility

Administrators and other users with approval permissions can review real-time workplace access requests. The PPA’s holistic dashboard offers visibility over pending, approved, and denied requests for any day, at any location.

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Capacity Settings

Administrators can set the maximum capacity for any location and adjust accordingly. Once an individual is granted access to a location, the system will automatically account for this change and reflect updated capacities.

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Two-Step Clearance

In addition to requiring administrative approval to work at a chosen location, employees can also be asked for a “Clear” status from their daily self-assessment before entering the workplace that day.

Resource Centre

Employees can easily access important information via their PPA,
including health and safety policies, procedures, and other resources that are uploaded by administrators.
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Upload and Edit Files

Administrators can easily upload PDF files and edit them as needed. They can also share URL links to other resources.

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Restricted Access Levels

Administrators can choose which users have access to your organization’s Resource Centre to protect uploaded documents.

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Offline Viewing

Users can review files and materials within the Resource Centre whenever and wherever, even while offline.

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Backend Support & Security

The PPA is built on Microsoft’s Azure so your organization can benefit from one of the world’s most secure cloud infrastructures.

Improvements & Updates

The first PPA released to the public had a simple self-assessment tool. Within one year, we incorporated Temperature Checks, Visitor Screening, Test and Vaccine Tracking, Attendance and Capacity Tracking, and so much more.

And it doesn’t stop there. As workplace health becomes an increasingly important conversation in the post-pandemic world, Go Evo will continue to do our part by creating reliable health, safety, and compliance tools for organizations everywhere.

In addition to every feature listed above, our partners today and tomorrow will all get access to regular updates and new functionalities as we keep improving our technology.

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