US Federal Update: The OSHA ETS has been released – PPA meets all compliance requirements outlined for the December 5th, and January 4th deadlines

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Safe Environments for the Young and Vulnerable

Go Evo’s Personal Protective App (PPA) gives educational organizations an easy way to manage the health of staff, students, and faculty while returning to school with confidence. Administrators get access to our growing list of features and reporting tools - all at one low cost.

Simple and Easy to Use Immunization Tracking

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Real-Time Record Keeping

Administrators can easily verify when staff have updated their vaccination records.

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& Secure

All personal health information is safely stored and protected, only available to administrators.

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We work with our partners to ensure that they are always compliant with regional regulations.

Fast and Reliable COVID-19 Solutions at Your Fingertips

A lot has been asked of education staff and administrators. We designed PPA to reduce the stress, confusion, and administrative burden that follows health and safety reporting.
Create a safe, nurturing environment for students, so you can spend more time focussing on what matters.

Leverage our standardized questions or customize your own for your organization, depending on whether the respondent is a student or staff. All information is automatically stored and protected upon completion.

Detailed self-assessment, immunization, and test result records are all available within the app and visualized through our customized dashboard. In the event of an outbreak, our reporting tools help administrators begin contact tracing and lower risk of further infection.

Conducting COVID-19 tests onsite? Whether you’re facilitating testing independently or with an external partner, all results can seamlessly be integrated with our platform, ensuring that users have access to real-time information.

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