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Integrate Your Systems

Leverage our powerful API or built-in connectors to easily share and receive data with other systems.


Save Time by Using Fewer Systems

Remove data silos and benefit from rich insights available within one solution. Our platform refreshes data in real-time with numerous partners like ArcGIS and NetSuite. Customize integrations using our REST connector for smarter decisions and superior outcomes.

A Platform Built To Integrate, Explore Our Features and Benefits:

Real-time, Data Sharing

Effortless, Adaptive Data Exchange 

Facilitate real-time, error-free data transfer across platforms, ensuring all departments have access to the latest information for better coordination and decision-making.

Native Connectors

Quick and Painless Connections

MESH already connects to numerous software systems through built-in integrations. Instantly streamline your operations by leveraging these powerful connectors.

Reduced Error Risk

Enhanced Accuracy, One System

Minimize errors by consolidating all municipal data into one system. Enhancing data accuracy and integrity – crucial for reliable municipal management and public trust.

Boost Compliance

Simplify Compliance Management

Make it easier to navigate regulatory requirements. Ensure that legal compliance is always met through accurate data across y


Meet Some of Our Partner Integrations

MESH works seamlessly with your favourite software tools and operations technology through native integration or custom API sync.

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One Platform for Streamlined Governance

Deliver impactful governance with our fully integrated operations management software solution, designed specifically for municipalities. Cut through complexities to evaluate real-time data, gain vision, and make better community decisions. Achieve 100% traceability, eliminate manual steps and reduce risks, all while streamlining workflows. Our powerful platform integrates the tools needed to mobilize your municipal operations with actionable insights, letting you focus on what truly matters. streamlining workflows. This powerful integration platform offers the tools needed to mobilize your municipal operations with actionable insights, letting you focus on what truly matters.

What People are Saying

"The MESH platform is phenomenal, its versatile, adaptable and cost effective. The Go Evo team listens to what is needed in the industry and reacts to put out flexible solutions that truly help our community."

Joe Reid

General Manager, Transportation and Operation Services, City of Belleville

“In 30 years working in public works I know that when I don’t hear feedback that means the software is being adopted, the feedback from our field officers has been extremely positive. The speed of adoption is faster than I’ve seen from other vendors or out-of-the-box software, that speaks to the simplicity of MESH and the level of process alignment and customization it allows”

Dan Locke

Manager of Public Works, Town of Tillsonburg

“With MESH I save a minimum of 5 hrs per week with the reduction in task oversight and follow up. I have more confidence all checks and balances are being performed and that work is being completed on time with the simple dashboard and instant field updates. We are saving at least 30min on each of our Play Area inspections compared to our old paper-based process.”

Keeley Biron

Parks & Recreation Manager, City of Quinte West

"MESH has allowed our municipality to modernize and streamline our Public Works Department. Public Works spends less time travelling back and forth from the office to the field...and our Roads Department uses MESH to complete weather checks, road patrols and sign inspections in an efficient manner. We have appreciated the prompt, courteous and friendly manner in which Go Evo has worked with our small, rural municipality. There is no one size fits all approach – rather an individual approach that has allowed us to work with MESH to develop solutions that meet our needs"

Christine Poland

Township of Enniskillen

Our administrative staff finds MESH very convenient and simple with delegating and tracking our daily service requests from residents. The Winter Patrol module is easy to follow and adds a level of security knowing the system is keeping us on track for daily patrol routes. Weather reports are sent automatically to the office for file and your friendly and patient staff are always willing and available to answer our questions."

Jennifer McIlwain

Township of Selwyn

"Overall, I highly recommend this platform if you want to have complete control over your information. My team and I use MESH as a daily tool and we incorporate it into nearly everything we do. If it can be tracked, we use MESH. The application allowed us to almost eliminate paperwork and we are no longer dependent on white boards, chalkboards, and post-it notes. I would also like to add that their support team is fantastic."

Martin Clouthier

Public Works Manager, Municipality of French River

Frequesntly Asked Questions

What data can be accessed through the REST API?

Our REST API allows you to pull a variety of data that includes but is not limited to company information, user information, form entry submissions, and any other information that’s saved and stored within data source rows.

How will your API improve our operations?

APIs are a powerful tool for municipalities as they enable the seamless integration of various systems and applications, leading to improved data flow and accessibility. This integration is vital for efficient governance, as it ensures that different departments can easily share and access up-to-date information, leading to more informed decision-making and better public service delivery.

Can you provide more API integration examples?

In addition to standard integrations with platforms like ArcGIS and NetSuite, our software can connect with a wide array of services and applications. For instance, it can integrate with financial management systems for capital planning and urban planning tools for real-time infrastructure data. These integrations are facilitated through both our powerful API and a variety of built-in connectors. For additional examples, please refer to the logos above.

What makes your API integration so extensive and better than other platforms and software?

Our API integration stands out due to its robustness, flexibility, and ease of use. We offer a wide range of pre-built connectors, making it simple to integrate with common municipal systems. Additionally, our REST API allows for custom integrations, providing the flexibility to meet unique needs. All of this is backed by strong security protocols and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that your data is not only seamlessly integrated but also protected and accessible.

How does your REST API work?

The API is exposed using web services in a REST approach, providing a flexible and simple set of interfaces that can be accessed from just about any programming language to push/pull data between our platform and external systems. Our platform was built to integrate. Thus, robust two-way data transfer is supported on several objects exposed. All APIs support both JSON and raw XML formats.

What steps are involved in API integration?

The integration process typically involves the following steps:


Requirements Gathering: Aligning on the integration objective, anticipated outcomes, and determining the systems that need to be connected.

API Selection: Choosing the appropriate API or connector that meets these needs.

Configuration and Testing: Setting up the integration in a controlled environment to ensure smooth operation.

Deployment: Implementing the integration in the live environment.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Regularly checking the integration for any issues and updating as needed for optimal performance.

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