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Go Evo’s Personal Protective App (PPA) gives educational organizations an easy way to manage the health of staff, students, and faculty while returning to school with confidence. Administrators get access to our growing list of features and reporting tools - all at one low cost.

The PPA Solution

As a medically led organization, it was imperative to adhere to internal health and safety protocols and public health restrictions and guidelines to create a safe operating environment for both clients and staff.
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Ideal Image also needed reporting capabilities to inform their COVID-19 response team. The Personal Protective Application’s detailed dashboards allowed for an easy and efficient reporting breakdown of their organization’s COVID-19 related metric by clinic location, department, and team on a franchise level.

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Integration with an existing single sign-on solution allowed for easier access for Ideal Image’s staff members and helped enhance health information security.

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Go Evo’s implementation team started by designing a customized self-assessment with a built-in temperature check for employees to complete daily. This instantly automated a formerly manual process and provided Ideal Image with increased visibility into the health of their workforce.

PPA arrival assessment

The Clinic Audit Solution

After successfully adopting the COVID-19 questionnaire, Ideal Image decided to digitize additional processes, one of them being clinic audit.

The clinic audit process was in-depth, containing 80 different health and safety checks, to be conducted quarterly at each location. Knowing that an audit could take the user several minutes to complete, Ideal Image sought a digital alternative from Go Evo to streamline the process and make the form more intuitive for employees.

In response, we developed the Clinic Audit Form, digitizing the existing 80-question paper-based checklist, and added it as a new feature in the app seen only by approved personnel. This updated Clinic Audit Form increased the speed of completion, allowed for digital record-keeping across the company, and provided management with instant notifications after each completed audit.

The Product Evolution

Shortly after implementing employee screening with the PPA, Ideal Image recognized additional opportunities to digitize routine COVID-19 health and safety processes. Go Evo’s implementation team worked in consultation with Ideal Image to develop two new digitized forms, both used by clinic managers to track different aspects of their COVID-19 response:

PPA exposure incident form

Return to Work Form

Used to document a return-to-work request from employees who had been in isolation under public health recommendations to stay at home. This paper form used to be 8 pages long and required moving dynamically between sections based on previous answers. Go Evo reduced this down to a simple digital form that can be completed in as little as a couple of minutes. Results are instantly visible on a dedicated dashboard, and a PDF copy of the completed form is automatically emailed to administrators. All health information on the form is encrypted to ensure secure sharing options.

Exposure Incident Forms

Used to report detailed exposure incidents in real-time, giving the health and safety team ample opportunity to take action if suspected COVID-19 exposure occurred in the workplace. Before being digitized, the exposure incident form spanned 6 pages. By utilizing the Personal Protective App, this was again reduced to a simple digital form that could be completed in minutes. Results are instantly sent as a PDF to the user who completed the form and forwarded to the COVID-19 safety team. All health information is once again encrypted to ensure secure sharing options.

In both instances, making results available as a PDF for recordkeeping and providing a dashboard for real-time insights allowed Ideal Image to ensure precise responses to potential exposures in the workplace.

What began as a search for a solution to daily COVID-19 employee screening quickly grew into company-wide automation of several critical health and safety protocols for Ideal Image. It has helped to improve the team’s productivity, simplify the procedure of submitting required documentation and significantly reduce paper waste across 145 locations.

At Go Evo, we love when we can help our clients realize the impact of process automation and believe it starts with making day-to-day tasks more efficient. These small efficiencies add up and are crucial to saving our clients time and evolving how they work.

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