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Manufacturing Through a Pandemic

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic manufacturing was one of the first industries identified as dealing with immediate problems in work stoppages, supply chain, and overall uncertainty. While many industries were able to jump into a remote work setup and take their time organizing and evaluating their return to work plan, manufacturers likely only took a short pause or didn't stop at all. Essential industries like manufacturing had to deal with workplace COVID-19 challenges on the fly with very little in terms of best practices or guidance, Go Evo was proud to help many in the manufacturing and distribution industry continue to work safely.

Unique Challenges

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No downtime

Any implementation of new technology needed to seamlessly fit with the existing workflow and not impact the day-to-day operations for employees and supervisors.

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Limited employee IT access

Not all employees have dedicated email access or mobile capabilities to make screening easily accessible.

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Quick adjustment to changing staffing needs

With the possibility of workers needing to isolate or miss time at work employers needed to be informed immediately of the impact on scheduling and confirm they had the needed employees to maintain operations.


Real-time admin access for off-site staff

With the possibility of users working in multiple locations and administrative staff working from home, it was important information was available in real-time, anywhere.

How We Helped

The addition of new technology to help automate or gain control over workplace operations was one of the key ways manufacturers tackled many of the challenges COVID-19 brought about. Go Evo’s Personal Protective App (PPA) was one of the few chosen tools that contributed to many manufacturers’ return to work procedures.

When working with clients in this industry the flexibility of the PPA platform was a huge plus that helped us tailor our solution to the needs of manufacturers. With our innovative PPA solution, we were able to quickly address the issue of users without standard IT access, 24/7 admin real-time visibility, and a streamlined process to limit work disruption.

The PPA platform allows for employees to use personal email addresses to login, has both a desktop and mobile app for accessibility, and offline screening capabilities for employees without immediate mobile data access. The PPA solution was designed to be simple and easy to use to maximize adoption in industries that need complete compliance.

Who We Helped


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Go Evo’s Personal Protective App was developed in early 2020, leveraging their existing operations management system MESH, to respond to the immediate screening needs by employers across North America. The updated Personal Protective App is a simple, affordable way for organizations to keep their employees safe while protecting individual privacy and improving operational processes.

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Years in Business

Go Evo has been revolutionizing government operations for over 3 years.

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Active Clients

Go Evo is currently partnered with over 500 active clients across multiple industries.

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Users on the PPA Platform

New users are being added to the Personal Protective App platform every single day.

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