US Federal Update: The OSHA ETS has been released – PPA meets all compliance requirements outlined for the December 5th, and January 4th deadlines

Vaccine Tracking

Vaccine and Test Tracking, Evolved

Transform your organization’s immunization and testing rollout with our digital, secure, and easy-to-use Personal Protective App (PPA).

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Make Health and Safety Your #1 Priority

By taking your immunization practices online, you’re maintaining best practices and ensuring your business can run on schedule. PPA gives administrators instant visibility into the well-being of their team. 

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Vaccine Tracker

Choose from a globally approved list of vaccines and countries, then upload your vaccination records for COVID-19 and Influenza within the app

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Test Tracker

Let employees, visitors, and students upload their COVID-19 test results directly from the app. No paperwork ever touches your desk.

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Reporting Dashboard

Leverage the latest in cloud technology and access up-to-date immunization records for accurate reporting.

PPA Vaccine Tracking Features

Control exactly how much information you collect from users, such as proof of vaccination, vaccination date, and vaccination brand.

Complete vaccination record uploads on behalf of busy users with our intuitive administration features.

Review, approve or reject a user’s proof of vaccination submission. Users and administrators can receive email notifications depending on the status of the user’s vaccination review.

Let users apply for vaccination exemptions right in the app, instead of submitting paper-bound forms.

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COVID-19 Immunization Tracking Made Easy

With dozens more COVID-19 and influenza vaccines in the pipeline, organizations can easily lose track of what is approved and what is not. With PPA, you’ll always have reliable and up-to-date  information at your fingertips.


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Keeping Safe

“Windsor Regional Hospital has to actively screen up to 5,000 staff daily. We were using a paper process that was time-consuming, created line-ups, and increased close, physical interactions. Partnering with Go Evo and their MESH platform has transformed our experience into a seamless electronic process. It has saved time, reduced physical contact, and provided us with visibility into the wellbeing of our staff. We continue to work with the progressive and helpful team at Go Evo on the expansion of the app for other impactful use cases.”

David Musyj

Windsor Regional Hospital

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"Since August 2020, Go Evo has allowed Ideal Image’s more than 1,200 employees return to work safely among the COVID-19 pandemic. Go Evo helped us create customized CDC-compliant employee assessments, manager dashboards, and secure document sharing – all from an integrated single sign-on experience in the app. From in-depth initiation to excellent post-launch support, I would highly recommend Go Evo to any organization looking to improve and digitize their health and safety compliance."

Oleksandra Iakymenko

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"The PPA app is easy to use and offers me a quick way to ensure that I am answering the most up to date COVID screening questions when self-screening before going to a worksite. As an administrator, I received quick, courteous and helpful support from the Go Evo support team when I had some specific questions. I would certainly recommend this app and the Go Evo company to anyone who is seeking a COVID-19 workplace screening app."

Cheryl Farris-Manning

Children's Aid Society

“In the COVID era, we were looking for a reliable partner that could ease our employees back into our workplace with their safety and health being most important. We were starting with no previous experience and needed a supportive partner. The PPA solution was easy to understand and implement! Made for a very easy decision. This app has been easy to install, quick to learn, and therefore we have a healthy, safe, and protected workforce. We prioritize our employees and this tool is a reflection of our value in their well-being while at work."

Elizabeth Howard

The Second City


"Overall, the Go Evo application has made daily COVID-19 screening to meet regulatory requirements a simple process for a large site like ours, and the customer service is excellent."

Kay Raju


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"We urgently needed a customizable screening solution as soon as the pandemic started in 2020. Luckily, we found Go Evo, and were able to set up our employees very quickly. It's easy to use and is a crucial tool for us to create and maintain a healthy workplace."

Greg Milo

Insight Productions


"Prior to the PPA, we were using paper forms to screen employees. We decided to work with Go Evo using PPA because it mirrored/fulfilled CDC recommendations regarding screening and we have been surprised by the ease of use of the PPA and great support provided by Go Evo."

Sandra Ripplinger

SCS Engineers

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"I started working with the Go Evo team in September 2020 when we were in search of a personal protection app to enable employee self-assessments for COVID-19 symptoms. Go Evo was able to provide the right solution for our company along with great support and customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend this company based on my experience."

Nikki Johnston

The National Ballet of Canada

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"Go Evo's PPA has helped our teams continue our in-person operations, across multiple office locations, since October 2020. The support team is always fast to assist with questions from us, and they continue to offer new solutions that help to support our business as regulations and our protocols evolve."

Kate Puncher



"I have been thoroughly impressed with the elegance and robustness of the app, which has been trouble-free since rollout, and with the support provided by the Go Evo team. Thanks for making what could have been a challenge, easier through your commitment and professionalism.”

Steve Carfagnini

ONE CARE Support

COVID-19 Test Result Tracking Features

Transform your organization’s immunization and testing rollout with our digital, secure, and easy-to-use Personal Protective App (PPA).

If you’ve already started collecting test results, admins can easily upload employee results directly into the app. 

Control exactly how much information you would like to collect from users, such as proof of test result, test date, and test result.

Set email reminders to get tested any given number of days after the last completed and uploaded test. You can also be notified when there's a test result submission to review.

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Confidently manage employee vaccinations and test results with our intuitive solution. Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile.