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Security and Safety First for Essential Workers

Those in the healthcare system have shown immense resolve and dedication throughout the pandemic and were one of the first industries needing to find fast and simple solutions to help them combat the spread of COVID-19. Not only were healthcare workers on the front lines dealing with those combating the virus but also needed to be certain they were safe when returning home and to their communities.

Frontline workers had to deal with workplace COVID-19 challenges on the fly with very little in terms of best practices or guidance early on. Go Evo was proud to help many hospitals, hospice, long term care, and healthcare organizations keep track of employee screening and to easily monitor staff test and vaccine tracking.

Unique Challenges

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There needed to be one central place for total visibility

With the possibility of users working in multiple locations and on changing shifts it was important information was available in real-time, anywhere.

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No time to waste

Not all end users would be completing their own screening. Parents and other staff members may need access and permission to complete screenings for young children or workplace visitors.

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Complete Compliance

In many jurisdictions, educational institutions have their own unique regulations to be compliant with. Through customizations within the PPA we are able to ensure that all the mandatory screening needs are met.


Advanced reporting features

Administrators needed real-time reports to be able to quickly and accurately identify anyone who may be at risk after potential COVID-19 exposure.

How We Helped

Early in 2020, it became apparent to the Go Evo team that clients in this industry would need fast and simple solutions to employee screening. Some of our first users of the Personal Protective App (PPA) were in the healthcare space.

When working with clients in this industry the flexibility of the PPA platform was a huge plus that helped us tailor our solution over time. Early adopters of PPA were able to get employee screening quickly rolled out to employees, part time staff, and visitors, but many of our ongoing updates have been with healthcare in mind. Our addition of a vaccine and test result tracker was influenced by the need seen in essential industries to monitor vaccinations well beyond the pandemic and have accurate documentation for anyone returning to work after isolation.

Platform customizations common for clients in the healthcare space included unique questionnaires based on regional or industry-specific regulations and advanced security configurations. Healthcare workers and support staff are some of the key leaders in the fight against COVID-19. Go Evo is proud to provide a solution that is easy to use so screening can help workers feel safe and not add more work to their busy schedules.

Who We Helped


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Go Evo’s Personal Protective App was developed in early 2020, leveraging their existing operations management system MESH, to respond to the immediate screening needs by employers across North America. The updated Personal Protective App is a simple, affordable way for organizations to keep their employees safe while protecting individual privacy and improving operational processes.

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Years in Business

Go Evo has been revolutionizing government operations for over 3 years.

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Active Clients

Go Evo is currently partnered with over 500 active clients across multiple industries.

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Users on the PPA Platform

New users are being added to the Personal Protective App platform every single day.

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