2022 Workplace Post-Pandemic Trend

The 2022 Post-Pandemic Trend Every Workplace Needs to Adopt

As we waved farewell to 2021 and hoped for fresh beginnings in the new year, the COVID-19 Omicron variant showed us that the post-pandemic reality should now be revised to include a new normal of living with the virus.

With constantly changing ETS updates from OSHA, it’s been a continued struggle for businesses to ensure their workplace COVID-19 testing and vaccine requirements are fully compliant with current regulations. As our experts predict, navigating these complexities will be a core challenge in the coming year. 

How can employers create a more predictable workplace with digital solutionssuch as Go Evo’s Personal Protective App (PPA)and confidently adapt their processes for all the changes still to come?

Below, we discuss the lessons we learned from 2021, and the industry trend that employers are introducing into their workplaces for a smarter, more proactive 2022.

What Will the New Normal Look Like in 2022?

New Workplace Values: A Health-First Approach

This past year marked the beginning of what’s been called the Great Resignation. A 2021 McKinsey survey found that 40% of employees were likely to quit their roles in the next three to six months. 

How can businesses retain their talent and ensure they’re listening to what their employees really value in the new normal?

In addition to desiring flexibility in working hours and hybrid workplaces, the Boston Consulting Group conducted a study confirming that physical health remains an effective driver of productivity, reducing absenteeism and maintaining a high-performing workforce even during the pandemic.

Prioritizing Health for a Satisfied, Productive Workforce


of employees indicated they were likely to quit their jobs in the next three to six months (McKinsey).


of employees say workplace digital health solutions will make them less likely to move elsewhere (Mercer).


Physically healthy employees are twice as likely to maintain their productivity (BCG).

Not only does physical health maintain productivity, but it also helps employees feel less inclined to leave their company. Globally, over half of the growth market employees surveyed by Mercer said they would be less likely to consider a move or resignation if their employers actively promoted or sponsored digital health solutions.

As organizations increasingly lean toward flexible work models, employers should incorporate easy-to-use digital health tools to prioritize the physical wellbeing of their employees and contribute to their mental focus.

By promoting a healthier work environment, workers can more comfortably embrace the full benefits of a hybrid workplace and get the support they need to thrive in the new normal.

Rising Digital Health Trends in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Even before the pandemic, businesses had begun incorporating nontraditional employee monitoring tools into their HR processes. 

Now, as Gartner’s article predicts, that trend will be further accelerated by hybrid work options, which will require the monitoring of remote and onsite workers alike, with an emphasis on collecting employee health and safety data.

Personal Protective App Dashboard

PPA Vaccination and Test Tracking Dashboard

Go Evo's Personal Protective App (PPA) simplifies employee monitoring through a centralized dashboard, making it easy for administrators to see real-time health statuses of every employee. What’s more, our recent update now provides holistic visibility over your workforce, no matter where they’re working from.

To maintain the overall physical health and productivity of employees, businesses are increasingly turning to digital solutions to encourage workers, both remote and onsite, to stay vigilant about their health.

In Mercer’s “Health on Demand” study, they discovered that more than half of the Canadian employers surveyed are already planning to invest more in digital health solutions over the next five years.

As the rising trend of digital health tools makes its way into 2022, businesses should invest in health monitoring and tracking tools to prepare them for any additional challenges from COVID-19. 

PPA App screening status

Customizable Self-Screening

The PPA encourages employees to stay healthy with a customizable self-screening tool that gives them the freedom to check and report symptoms remotely, across mobile and desktop.

PPA Resource Center

Resource Center

Employers can also upload relevant materials to the PPA’s resource center to ensure employees have no confusion about company protocols and health regulations. These documents are readily accessible through the app.

Having a health-tracking process in place can help future-proof your business plans and ensure your workplace preparedness for a new era of flexible, hybrid work.

Are COVID-19 Test and Vaccine Tracking Here to Stay?

In light of recent COVID-19 outbreaks and stricter enforcements of health regulations, it’s unlikely that COVID-19 testing and vaccination rules will be going away anytime soon. 

Luckily, even as government requirements become more specific and harder to follow, the Go Evo team constantly updates the app to reflect new regulations from local advisories, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Emergency Temporary Standard (OSHA ETS).

Support Portal Submit Ticket

Support Portal

Our affordable solution also prioritizes a highly responsive, human-to-human experience. A dedicated support team works around the clock to give you immediate support and integrate updates based on real feedback from real partners like yourself.

Find out just how simple it can be to embrace your new normal in 2022. Book a call with us today and learn how Go Evo’s PPA can save you time, money, and compliance-related headaches.

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