Frequently Asked Questions

App Functionality

Yes. Our pre-existing modules are designed to help you adhere to regulatory compliance with operational oversight. Through our operations management platform, you have the ability to streamline any additional processes to enable even greater regulatory compliance, all from one centralized solution.

Simply input this information into the User Template that we'll provide you, and we'll assist you in importing it into our system.

Yes. Send and receive real-time email notifications to the appropriate parties involved in the workflow process with a click of a button. Our automatic email notifications will help streamline and improve internal communications to keep everything on schedule and your workplace safe.

Customer Support

After implementation and onboarding are complete, you can use our dedicated support portal we've built to leverage a library of support resources or connect with our customer support team.

Easily search from existing support articles or leverage our comprehensive knowledge base. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't worry! Simply submit a ticket and our support team will quickly assist.

After launch, you will have access to our knowledge base and customer support team via our support portal. You can manage all of your ticket submissions in one location while also finding a variety of articles, how-to videos, and other resources.

Onboarding & Implementation

Not at all! Once you've signed the proposal, we'll need you to complete a User Template to import the data to our app and an initial payment for upfront fees to start. Then we'll bring our teams together for a kick-off call, take you through the onboarding plan to set you up for success, and align on a launch date.

Additionally, our implementation time is, on average, one week! However, our sales team can provide more exact timing based on your needs.

Yes! Our implementation specialists will give you a walkthrough of your customized environment and reporting dashboard. We also provide a comprehensive support portal of a library of support resources and instructional tutorial videos for ongoing assistance to maximize your experience with us.

You can invite employees to our app by adding them as new users. They will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to download the application and begin using it on their desktop or mobile device. Credentials and a temporary password will be given to them, which they can change later.

We've also developed optional templated communications for your team to leverage to ensure a seamless launch of our software among your employees.

The only information you require from your employees is their first and last name, email, and manager information.


You also have the option to add in other additional information, including but not limited to: position, location, phone number, branch, etc.

Pricing & Subscriptions

We have a tiered pricing structure, the per user rate changes based on the number of users assigned within the organization. For more information, please connect with our sales team and they can provide you with the exact pricing.

We have monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscription plans for standard and premium users. Additional discounts are provided on semi-annual/annual plans. For more information, please connect with our sales team and they can provide you the exact pricing based on your organization's needs.

If you're interested in changing or canceling your subscription plan, please reach out via our support portal at least 5 business days prior to your next billing cycle. Our Customer Success team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.


We take security seriously. Our platform is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, which enables us to deliver highly scalable, available, and fault-tolerant services. Our application architecture has been designed to leverage Azure’s strong geo-redundancy, replication, and recovery options, and follows Microsoft recommended best practices and processes. Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific security, privacy, and compliance standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1, and SOC 2.

Data Replication and Backup
Data generated and stored on the platform is replicated between two physical data centers via Azure’s paired region approach. We utilize Azure geo-replication and geo-redundancy features for storage and database operations, guided by Microsoft’s recommended practices. Point-in-time backups are also automatically executed hourly for database and daily for general file storage.

System Failover and Disaster Recover
Our application architecture follows best practices to ensure failover and recovery can occur across multiple levels and scenarios. At a hosting level, the platform is deployed across a primary and secondary data center pair. These data centers are sufficiently physically distant from each other to reduce the likelihood of natural disasters, civil unrest, power outages, or physical network outages affecting both regions at once. In the event of tier failure or outright disaster, failover procedures will transition services from our primary to the secondary center.

Network and Platform Security
Our server instances run behind Azure’s comprehensive firewall and load balancing solution. Inbound connections from both the Internet and remote management ports are blocked by default, with access tightly restricted to legitimate protocol and traffic only. All firewall configurations are version controlled and peer-reviewed as part of our standard change management processes. For more information on Azure-specific security, refer to Microsoft’s self-assessment paper here

Backend access to databases, storage accounts and server instances is restricted to qualified Go Evo team members only, with all actions performed using Microsoft provided management tools across SSL secured connections.

All app, web browser and REST API interactions with the Go Evo platform occur using 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption (HTTPS protocol). Users are required to log in with an email and password, and their login and access activity is recorded. API access is authenticated against a platform generated 32 character secret key token. Passwords stored on mobile devices and Go Evo servers are always encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption algorithms according to industry standard practices. When a user account is terminated or deactivated, an automatic wipe of local app data is executed when/if the user next attempts to access the app.

Reach out to our team for more details on our platform’s security and architecture.

The platform enforces a simple 6 character minimum length password, with a focus on making it easy for users to get started with our service. Aside from our default Basic policy, there are two further options based on current best practice recommendations:

  1. NIST SP 800-63: A phrase-based policy based on the latest recommendations of NIST, which encourages human-friendly passwords that are still hard to crack.
  2.  OWASP 2017: A strict policy that favors complex passwords that are hard to crack but also harder for people to remember.

Software & Compatibility

The main distinction between paper-based processes and our software is having a single, central location where you can quickly access all your crucial data, securely saved on our servers. Other benefits of using our software include increasing productivity, maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing investments.

With the help of Go Evo, you can save time and money and get work done from anywhere, online or offline. Collect the necessary data and gain central access to trends in collective data to give your business a comprehensive overview of reports and metrics through a single dashboard. It ensures that information is reachable by the relevant people in your company who need to examine it and subsequently take the necessary action to maximize efficiency.

You can digitize any paper-based form or ditch the spreadsheets and customize it to better suit your organization's needs. From checklists to inspections, audits to reports, we help organizations streamline their operations and create more efficient digital processes.

Users can download our app on the Apple App Store for Apple devices and Mac laptops with the M1 chip and Google Play Store for Android.

The app is also available on the Windows desktop.

Yes. Users can use our apps offline. However, an internet connection is required to upload data to the system. When a user has an active internet connection, the app will automatically sync the data with the system.

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