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Safe Environments For the Young & Vulnerable

Education/Non Profit

With revolving door closures, reopenings, and constantly changing regulations, the education and non-profit sectors had to deal with balancing their vital importance to our communities while ensuring the safety of all within their walls.

Early on, educators and workers supporting vulnerable communities had to deal with workplace COVID-19 challenges on the fly with very little in terms of best practices or guidance. Go Evo was proud to help many in the education and non-profit field continue working and safely assisting the public.

Unique Challenges

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Any new technology needed to be extremely simple and easy to use for parents, children, and those who aren’t technically inclined.

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Assisted Screenings

Not all end users would be completing their screening. Parents and staff members may need access and permission to conduct screenings for young children or workplace visitors.

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Complete Compliance

In many jurisdictions, educational institutions have their unique regulations. Through customizations within the PPA, we can ensure that all the mandatory screening needs are met.


Advanced Reporting Features

Administrators needed real-time reports to quickly and accurately identify anyone at risk after potential COVID-19 exposure.

How We Helped

Quickly, it became apparent to the Go Evo team that clients in this industry would need unique customizations to the Personal Protective App (PPA) to make sure it was as simple and accessible as possible.

The flexibility of the PPA platform and being able to tailor our solution was a huge plus for our clients in these industries. We quickly addressed the issue of users needing to complete screenings for others by modifying the application’s standard setup. Our team also understood that fast changes in regulations are common in these sectors, so we have been vigilant about updating questionnaires as needed based on the location of our users. 

PPA platform customizations common for these clients allowed for instant regional compliance updates and unique visitor screening configuration to ensure users could complete secure screenings for others. Educators and those in the non-profit sector have had to adjust on the fly and a lot has been asked of them. The PPA solution was designed to be simple and easy to use, so screening isn’t another burdensome task added to the workday.

Who We Helped


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Go Evo’s Personal Protective App was developed in early 2020, leveraging their existing operations management system MESH, to respond to the immediate screening needs by employers across North America. The updated Personal Protective App is a simple, affordable way for organizations to keep their employees safe while protecting individual privacy and improving operational processes.

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Years in Business

Go Evo has been revolutionizing government operations for over 3 years.

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Go Evo is currently partnered with over 500 active clients across multiple industries.

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New users are being added to the Personal Protective App platform every single day.

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