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Break free from paper health and safety processes with the robust digital features of our Personal Protective App.

Incident and Injury Reporting

PPA ensures complete transparency with incidents and injuries within your workplace and make achieving 100% compliance simple for staff members. 

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Incident Report Review

Review incidents as they are submitted and take resolution-based actions within the app. Have central access to incident report statuses and metrics through a single dashboard.

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Timely Notifications

Get notified when employees submit or update incident reports so that all incidents are communicated clearly at every resolution stage.

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Incident Audit Trail

Have easy access to completed historical incident forms and audit incident reports. Be compliant with OSHA standards by ensuring staff complete the appropriate OSHA forms when an incident occurs.

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Workplace Hazard Assessment

Identifying existing or potential workplace hazards is only half the solution. Addressing and correcting them on time is what makes your workplace fully compliant. 

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Hazard Log

Review and edit hazard logs filled in by staff members. Assign hazard correction to suitable employees and document every step of the process for supervision and audit. 

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Risk Assessment

Designate the risk likelihood and impact of hazards, allowing your organization to prioritize them to minimize damage. 

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Hazard Tracker Settings

Control what type of information you would like users to provide and determine who should be notified when hazards are submitted.

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Hazard Dashboard & Reporting

Access holistic reports to easily view all the information at once, including assigned staff and corrective actions taken. 

Workplace Certification & Compliance

Maintain and manage workplace certifications so that your organization is ahead of all mandatory compliance requirements.

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Create, Assign, And Track Certifications

Assign and track important certifications for your organization. Receive notifications in real-time for records submitted by employees.

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Empower employees to upload copies of their certifications in a timely manner. Let them notify you within the app that they are in compliance and all their documents are in one place.

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Set Time-Based

Set a time-based value to track when the certification moves from active to expiring to expired status.

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Safety Talks

Give your team plenty of opportunities to discuss safety questions, concerns, and precautions by regularly scheduling safety talks under your PPA app.

Resource Centre

Members can easily access important information via their PPA Resource Centre library, including health and safety policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, and other resources that are uploaded by administrators. 

Additionally, administrators can use the PPA Resource Centre to track whether users have acknowledged critical documents so that you can ensure policy compliance across your organization.

Upload and Edit Files

Administrators can easily upload files and edit them as needed. They can also determine whether documents need to be acknowledged by users. Each document uploaded will allow you to configure whether a signature is required, and for whom.

Restricted Access Levels

Administrators can choose which users have access to your organization’s Resource Centre. Documents can be assigned to specific users or user groups in your organization, like individual departments, units, or branches.

Online, Offline, Anytime.

Users can review documents and materials within the Resource Centre anytime, anywhere, even without access to the internet.

Resource Statistics

Administrators can use a Resource Centre dashboard to track how many times a given document has been viewed, acknowledged, and edited.

Vehicle & Equipment Inspections

Optimize your processes and make vehicle and equipment safety your top priority at the same time through our intuitive platform.

For Administrators

  • Stores historical inspection data for easy access to reports when needed
  • Customize notifications for defects, service status changes, inspections, and take instant action when inspection criteria fails
  • Automatically alert drivers, managers, and administrators about the outcomes of inspections to avoid unnecessary fines and infractions on the road
  • Customize inspection checklists to meet your fleet’s specific inspections criteria

For Drivers

  • Conduct inspections, submit photos, and add comments as needed
  • Automatically populate inspection forms with vehicle details when a vehicle is selected
  • Perform pre or post-trip inspections as well as review and sign off on other inspections 
  • Generate compliance reports when defects are documented during an inspection

For Fleet Managers

  • Update vehicle status to in-service or out of service in case of a major defect to ensure drivers stay safe and follow compliance requirements 
  • Track deficiencies and maintenance to easily assign work and complete full circle documentation on all repairs
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Inspection Maintenance
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COVID-19 Vaccination and Test Tracking

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Employee Self-Assessments

Give employees the freedom to assess their own symptoms daily and get cleared for onsite work, no matter where they are.

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Screen anyone outside your organization with the PPA’s visitor screening features. Allow visitors to clear themselves without needing their own PPA login.

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COVID-19 Test Tracker

Keep an up-to-date record of employees’ COVID-19 test results and set custom requirements to maintain the safety of your workplace.

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Let users choose from a global list of vaccine manufacturers and upload their records in the app.

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Temperature Screening

Document temperature check results right in the app. Upload the results in seconds and share them with the team.

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