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Operations, Work Order and Asset Management Software for Government

municipal work order management software solutions
Mesh is a operation management software for governments
Mesh is a operation management software

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Every Asset. Every Task. One Click Away.

You work hard to keep your organization up and running. Don’t let lack of visibility over resources or broken links in communication get in your way. MESH is designed to help governments evolve their operations for maximum productivity, efficient processes, and smarter communities.

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Boost Your Productivity

Our easy-to-use software automates your workflows and saves your fieldworkers and administrative staff time so they can keep building toward the future.

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Make The Most Of Your Resources

The tools you need when you need them: from work order assignments to information on equipment availability to asset maintenance history.

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Keep Your Citizens Safe

Easily stay within minimum maintenance standards and reduce liability. Using our built-in compliance calculations and with clear recordkeeping, you can help keep your community safe.

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Make Smarter Decisions

With detailed analytics and real-time data, you can cut operations costs today and invest in infrastructure for tomorrow.

We are seeing staff efficiency savings of tens of thousands of dollars a year. Previously, in certain instances I would have to drive to high priority locations because the paperwork hadn’t been handed in to ensure a job was actually completed.

The utility locating process is simplified now that our water system assets are available on the desktop software and in the field on tablets. Public Works spends less time travelling back and forth from the office to the field and we have been able to reduce the amount of paper being printed.

We definitely have increased confidence in our inspection documentation. We know without a doubt we have the all historical information on hand in the case of any litigation.

MESH takes away the guess work, your data is easily accessible and in a meaningful state so its useable.

Your Evolved

Easily view your entire workflow from a single window. Zoom in to check the health of your assets. Write and file reports in minutes. Sign off on work orders or decide the best way to continue a task. All without picking up a piece of paper.

Mobile Operations Management Platform

Run Your Operations

We know your work isn’t just at your desk, it’s also out there in the field. With MESH, move seamlessly from your laptop to your smartphone for on-the-go management of service requests, assets and work orders.

All Your Assets at Your Fingertips

Manage Assets

Get a comprehensive look at your entire infrastructure and check on the condition of assets with GIS mapping and advanced filtering to make proactive, data-driven decisions that extend the life of your inventory.

Goodbye Paperwork, Hello Paperless Workflow

Assign Work

Create, assign and track any type of work order – from intake requests to repeatable or one-time tasks – all from your desk or phone. Your staff get notified, you sit back and watch work get done with real-time updates.

Enable Fieldworkers to Get Work Done Faster

Track Progress

Our easy-to-use mobile platform guides your crew through the maintenance process step by step. They can quickly complete inspections, enter notes and attach photos to every task they complete.

Reporting And Recordkeeping, Refined

Maintain Records

Capture all the information you need from the field in real-time and stay on top of your workload on MESH’s task calendar. This means more accountability, productivity and efficiency, but less paperwork, meetings and phone calls.

Make Public Works, Work Better

Unlock Data Insights

Access powerful analytic tools that guide you to make smarter, more strategic budgets and plans. With instant data sync and easy data management, you can act quickly for the people who rely on you to keep things running.
work order management and asset management software for government
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municipal work order management software
government operations management software solutions
municipal project management software solutions

Built For...

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government operations software for fleet tracking

Fleet Management

government operations software for parks and recreation

Parks and Recreation

government operations software for public transportation

Public Transportation

government operations software for public works

Public Works

government operations software for road maintenance

Road Maintenance

government operations software for utilities


government operations software for water and wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Do More with MESH

Your community’s future has no place for paper-bound work orders or fragmented legacy software. Stay ahead of the curve and turn your promises of efficiency into reality with MESH’s dynamic asset management and work order management solutions.

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Your City, Your Community, Your MESH

Our solutions will optimize your process, not replace it. We built MESH to adapt to your specific needs, with an intuitive platform that you can use right out of the box and various customization and integration options.

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Forms Library

Whether you’re creating an inventory, documenting maintenance, or conducting inspections our mobile forms library has everything you’ll need to get started – for all asset types.

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Custom Field Capabilities

Use our built-in form editor to add custom field types including barcode scans, signatures, drawings, photo, video, audio, GPS and more.

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Access and User Management

Give read/write permissions to your team members to manage and control any portion of the MESH platform.

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Cloud-based Mobile Access

Our user interface is made for everyone, no matter how tech savvy. It’s extremely simple and easy to use, right out of the box.

Integrations, Perfected

MESH works seamlessly with your favourite software tools and operations technology through native integration or custom API sync.

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Think Bigger

Than Today

For the assets you have now and the ones you’ll build tomorrow, MESH supplies you with the latest government asset management solutions. Find out how we can build with you below.