OSHA UPDATE: The US Court of Appeals reinstates the business vaccine and testing mandate for Jan 10th deadline. PPA meets all compliance requirements.

NYC Vaccine Mandate: PPA meets all compliance requirements and can keep track of your workforces vaccination statuses for the December 27th deadline.

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Safety and Assurance Behind the Scenes

When you’re on set, there’s no room for error. Go Evo’s Personal Protective App (PPA) streamlines COVID-19 vaccine and test tracking so you can accurately monitor the health of your cast and crew — all in one place, all in real time.

Advanced Self-Screening and Vaccine Tracking

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Production-Wide Visibility

Easily implement the PPA’s self-screening, vaccine and test tracking to monitor your entire cast and crew, including extras, vendors, and any visitors on set.

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The PPA securely stores all personal health information (PHI) and restricts data access to administrators only, keeping your cast and crew members’ information private.

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Public health guidance can change from one day to the next. PPA keeps up with local regulations to help ensure that you’re always in compliance.

Health & Safety Coordination Without Delay

With strict deadlines and demanding tasks, production crews hardly have a minute to waste. Go Evo’s PPA seamlessly incorporates preventative measures into daily work schedules so they can maximize productivity and do their jobs safely.

Strengthen your health measures with standardized screening questions. You can also customize them in the app to accommodate your production crews’ needs.

No matter who you’re expecting that day, the PPA’s Visitor Screening allows guests to complete self-assessments before they arrive on set, minimizing contact and risk.

Even if production takes place in multiple locations, administrators can quickly access everyone’s testing and vaccination records (including visitors) from a single dashboard.

Easily import on-site COVID-19 test results and temperature checks for fully integrated access within the PPA.

Covid Self Screening
Visitor details form
Vaccination records
Covid-19 test records and reports

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