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Everything You Need to Know About Employee Vaccination Tracking

At Go Evo, we believe there is plenty that can be done to let workers know it’s safe to return to the office. On-site symptom checking, capacity tracking, and a thorough back-to-work plan are great examples that we’ve covered in previous blog posts. 

But for many employees, knowing that management is keeping track of vaccinations is another. Whether you like it or not, developing a vaccine management plan is part of the new normal for workforces across the globe. 

This isn’t only true for businesses considering mandates. Proof of COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations should be part of every company’s defence against the spread of disease. 

In the article below, we’ll explore mandates, vaccination trackers, and other vital options Personal Protective App (PPA) customers have in 2021 and beyond.

Go Evo’s Guide to Employee Vaccination Tracking

To Mandate or Not to Mandate

Can employers institute COVID-19 vaccination mandates? Will the federal government? Can employees take legal action against such measures? 

These are just some of the questions swirling around the news on any given day. The truth is, the odds of implementing a country-wide mandate are very low. But that doesn’t mean sensitive industries, such as healthcare and education, won’t see mandates put in place to protect their workforce. 

Based on the ongoing political debates surrounding travel and masking, the pushback and legal headaches could bog down sweeping mandates. In most cases, it’ll be up to the employer to decide if a mandate is the best choice.

That doesn’t mean employers are without options. Symptom and vaccine tracking apps, such as Go Evo’s PPA, give companies the ability to keep their people safe without forcing workers to get a vaccine.

With Tracking Apps, Confidentiality Is Paramount

As with any private information, vaccine status must be treated with care. It’s also important that the app you use leaves no room for an employee to offer more health information than is necessary. 

Remember, vaccine status should never spark a long conversation about why a person is or is not vaccinated, or why they chose one shot over another. By using a vaccination tracking app, the process is done online and at the worker’s convenience. Administrators can file the information away, and update if the employee gets a booster or second dose. 

Companies with multiple locations and many employees need a solution that keeps private information secure and is easy to implement. PPA allows employers to access vaccination and test statuses while maintaining the information in separate and secure cloud storage.

Go Evo Introduces PPA’s Latest Update: Vaccination Tracker

To help businesses manage vaccinations and offer added safety to offices, factories, and institutions, we’ve launched the Vaccination Tracker. Take a look at the key features below:

list of vaccines available in every country

Fast Upload

Users can upload their vaccinations records for COVID-19 and Influenza right in the app

vaccine tracking

Approved Vaccine List

Select from a growing list of approved vaccines and countries, based on the latest vaccination development.

vaccine tracking

Mobile and Desktop

We made the upload process very easy.  Users can attach vaccination records on both mobile and desktop applications.

vaccine upload

Admin Features

Organization administrators will be able to monitor who in their workplace has received vaccinations for instant visibility into the well-being of their team

Make Room for Exemptions, Hesitancy, and Concerns with the PPA Test Result Tracker

Not everyone will be ready to get vaccinated or return to work at the same time. The pandemic has been hard on all of us, and some are less willing than others to embrace this new normal. Whatever their hesitancy, Go Evo has a solution for businesses to manage the health and safety of these employees.  

With our Test Result Tracker, users can upload their COVID-19 test results within the app. So if a business wants to offer weekly or bi-weekly testing to employees without vaccination, they can do so with little management on their end. 

Test Tracker also offers the following benefits: 

  • Email Reminder Notifications
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Cloud Storage for Completed Tests

Is Vaccine Tracking Here to Stay?

How long businesses and institutions must track COVID-19 and influenza vaccinations is still unclear. There are a lot of variables that we still do not know. But one thing is certain: the Go Evo team will continue to provide updates that keep workplaces safe. 

If you want to learn more about our newest features, check out the latest blog. To find out about our pricing, or to book a demo and test out the Vaccine and Test Result Tracker updates, book a call with us today.


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