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Mobile GPS Fleet Management and Route Patrolling Solutions

gps fleet tracking software for local government
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Connect with Drivers from Anywhere

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Track your fleet in real-time

Complete more jobs in fewer hours and miles with real-time visibility into vehicle location, live traffic data, and route analytics.

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Connect with drivers from anywhere

Remotely reroute vehicles, get instant alerts on idling and speeding, and send messages straight to your drivers’ smartphones.

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Get fieldworkers where they’re needed faster

Move at the speed your citizens need by finding the closest driver, vehicle or equipment in seconds.

Get your fleet tracking up and running in minutes. No hardware needed. Zero installation costs.

Our easy-to-use fleet tracking solutions put you in the driver’s seat of your entire fleet operations right from an iPhone or Android device. With MESH Tracks your fleet travels fewer miles, uses less fuel, saves on wear and tear, and your fieldworkers get work done faster.

Remotely Manage Your Fleet

Mobile Fleet Tracking App

  • Get single-tap access to your vehicles and drivers on a live map.
  • Automatic driving detection using your drivers’ smartphones. No hardware needed.
  • Locate any driver in your mobile workforce in seconds.
  • Receive alerts on driver behaviors, see vehicle activity and view route history.

With You Everywhere

GPS Fleet Management Software

  • Send instant notifications to your drivers with critical job details, including location, directions and service information.
  • Keep track of the mileage and speed of your vehicles with real-time status updates.
  • Set up unlimited driver profiles and patrol routes.

The Data You Need to Move Forward

Mobile Fleet Management Solutions

  • View interactive dashboards with advanced analytics and logs about your fleet and drivers.
  • Cut costs and manage your spend by monitoring driver performance and tracking idle time and fuel consumption.
  • Generate reports in seconds and share with key stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.
fleet tracking software for government
fleet tracking software
fleet tracking software for government

We’re With You, Every Step of The Way

MESH Tracks is designed to deliver safety, success, and efficiency for communities just like yours.

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Local Fleets Tracked

Cloud-Based, Secure, Future-proof

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Online, Offline, All the Time

Our app keeps tracking your drivers, even if offline. Never wait for driver call-ins or daily log entries. All your data is recorded and sent to the cloud automatically.

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Hack-Proof Security

Our solid 256-bit AES Encryption keeps your organization’s data safe and secure from cyber attacks.

Keep your Roads Safe

Monitor deficiencies and road patrol progress in real-time. Get all the capabilities of MESH Tracks with the added power and integration of the MESH operations platform with the Road Patrol module.

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Road Condition Compliance

Ensure you are adhering to all minimum maintenance standards so your roads stay safe.

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Weather Reporting

Automate and digitize your weather reporting procedures to stay up to date and save time.

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Patrol Logs

Confirm all your patrols are documented with cloud-based access and real-time updates.

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